Coming back to you

I spent more money than I care to confess on experts telling me everything would be ok.

There were quite a few years doing jobs that were at times fun, rewarding and interesting, but that I was not in love with.

Way too much time pining over guys who were not worth it and too little time getting to know the ones that were.

I had a pretty low opinion of myself, my abilities and my potential, even though I felt generally confident and secure.

In may 2012 I realized that something had to change, that I was the one that had to do it and that it was possible.

In a summer filled with dramatic plot twists, cats and allergies and unexpected proposals I figured out what my purpose was and life started to make sense to me.

What my clients have said about working with me…

“Terena’s guidance in just one session truly helped me unleash certain shackles that I had put on myself, and no more than 48 hours after speaking with her I began to see transformation in my own life – in major, tangible ways.”





I believe we get side-tracked. We fall off and don´t know how to get back on.

We don’t know how to create a life that keeps us connected to us.

I believe that no matter how much we have our shit together, sometimes we need someone outside of our lives and thoughts to get in there and shed some light.

I believe these things because I have lived them, lived through them and I am waiting here for you on the other side.

Are you ready?

“I practice EFT regularly (in my personal life and with my clients), so I’m used to the typical physical responses such as yawning, getting super thirsty and feeling equal parts high on adrenaline and needing to sleep for a week. This chick knows her stuff. She had me yawning within 3 minutes of tapping (a sure sign of energy shifting) and she is HIGHLY intuitive.

Terena asked me a few questions, and it just snowballed from there. She intuitively knew where to take the session, and got me to face some hard truths that I had been trying to ignore. BUT, no more of that. I feel energized/ sleepy and SO ready for the next step!

She’s super cool, perfectly lovely and has an AWESOME accent that I am about 80% jealous of.

Seriously, work with her now. 
No, like seriously.”

–Dani Mari Turcotte

In my work I use Life Coaching tools, my intuition and EFT/Tapping to support you in moving from stress and confusion to clarity and peace.

EFT is my absolute favourite tool and my love for it began when I started using it in my own life on everything from releasing migraines and allergies to shifting guilt, anxiety and fears that were holding me back. 

You can book a time and date right now so we can chat to explore ways to work together. 


1:1 Transformative Coaching

We can explore the possibility of a package of sessions or a tailor-made program for your specific needs.

Book a space so we can get to know each other and figure out what works.

“I trusted the tapping and Terena so easily, and it worked a treat –  I relaxed and was truly able to feel lighter.  My 6-8 out of 10 level of sadness lifted so easily! It was a powerful lesson for me to learn first hand, not just intellectually, that we are the masters of our own emotions, and that we can do something about them from within ourselves, regardless what is happening for us externally. It’s helped me daily since I did the tapping with Terena, both in my professional life, and my personal life.  Pure gold! 

I would definitely recommend a session to anyone else, because it works, simple as that.  Terena is extremely intuitive and able to adapt quickly to what’s happening for you NOW, not just what you think you should be dealing with. This is so important because it may block your ability to deal with something you know you need to deal with.  For example, if you’d like to let go of a long held limiting belief, you’ll find it difficult if you’re distracted with something that’s bothering you, even if you think it’s trivial. Terena can see right through it, and get to the heart of the problem incredibly quickly and effectively.”

-Mariska Anderson, Life Coach